Titular is a funny word

I have decided to begin filmmaking with a nice four-minute (the length of the piece A Quai, by Yann Tiersen of which the story was inspired by) film based upon single-internet-award-winning story A Quoi, which is this blog's titular story, in case no one got that, although I very much doubt it. To the left is a pretty picture of a carousel, which I could easily use as a poster. I have the screen writing software, all I need is the time, equipment, cast and crew! This will probably not get itself done for a lo-ong time. I have a soundtrack, so that's one thing. If anyone gives a hoot, a larger (and I mean much larger version) of said piccywic can be found HERE. In other news: Harper Collins has half shut down and laid off a load of employees, which isn't very pleasant, an article on which can be found HERE. What would be cool would be some small indie-publishing press, like you get small indie record labels, a friend suggested me.