It should be made into a real film

This is PacMan Noir (that's a link, by the way) It was surprisingly big at college, which was where it was filmed, somewhere around May or April last year even though, in retrospect, it was kinda shit. Then I recut it into THIS (that's another link) which I did a few months ago, especially for a friend, incidentally the voice actor, because he said it the editing was shit. It was. I just did an audio commentary on it, because ... well I'm not sure why. In any case it's as dull and pathetic as any other audio commentary out there, but at least it tries to be funny. I did say tries. I was just asked if I was going to carry on with this idea of a noir-style Pacman, like use the idea at university. To be honest, I don't think it's worth it and it's one of those things that best if they died down. If only I could incorporate it into this commercial I have to do