On, and on, and on

So many ideas, so little time to write them all in. Critical analysis today gave me an awesome Avargado (that's the setting for such stories as Under Her Wing, and full novels Last of the Heroes, One Tin Soldier and Vaeun) involving the creation of the camera. John Berger's crazy-ass show Ways of Seeing gave me the idea, so thanks John for that. That's one more idea to the ever-increasing project list. So far they include: rewriting/editing Last of the Heroes and One Tin Soldier, finishing up Dial M 2, getting to work with Maze, and finishing, hopefully, this Scroogical (a poem based on A Christmas Carol) which I've been working on for two years. I also bought graphic novel Death: Time of Your Life, and although I love Gaiman's work, I can't believe I just spent so much on something with less than a hundred pages... It'll definitely be a damn good read in any case. Now time to continue writing, as these words aren't going to make themselves.