Only the gods are real

Finished American Gods last night which was, despite the bits I didn't quite get or didn't seem the plot, was a very good book indeed. I recommend people read it now. Also, I'm trying to find out what Odin said to Shadow in the postscript, in Iceland. If anyone speaks Icelandic, it'd be awesome to know what "Hvernig gengur? manst pu eftir mer?" means. It's probably nothing important, but what the hell. I have found that I am incredibly influenced by things around me. I have been reading Neil Gaiman, only him, for about a month now and it's showing in my writing style. When I was on a Discworld binge, I was writing like Pratchett. It would be good to not have such an easily malleable style (did I spell that right?). It's been snowing like hell outside, too, and snow features quite a bit in AG and, lo and behold, suddenly I'm chucking snow all over the place in my stories. All I know so far is that Maze an Dial M 2 will have snow in them somewhere..