The Most Thrilling Post Ever Posted

Blog. It's been a while since I've posted up current happenings as opposed to stories or silly pictures. That's cos nothing's been happening that's worth writing about, oh yes My "other" blog (it's more a univeristy project with team members) the fantastic ENERGY DRINK commercial (link here) is being updated all the time, and despite what most of the post titles say I wrote most of them. the work's theirs though. Anyway, so there uis talk of me going to Japan to teach for a couple of years after finishing university. This is in talks and very unlikely to happen, but it would be cool if it could. The whole idea is for me to refine the language before I start looking for animation jobs, probably in the west, cos I'm not the best manga artist. I'll need to save several grand too cos I'll be going with some friends around Europe after the teaching for about 6 months. That too will be language based. This leads me to wonder that I shoudl put off the vain agent hunt for a while, cos even though I'm doing all this research now, it'll probably change in 5 years. It gives me time to make a damn good portfolio of stuff though, if I can keep the motivation up.