My Binocular Girlfriend

I wrote this last night, meant to be creepy and stuff, but I wrote the last stanza, and then just made it into this silly thing


 The first time I saw you I knew it was love 
I could have sworn that you were sent from above 
You didn’t see me, I was nonetheless there
Watching you dancing in your underwear 

 I’m the guy at the window that you never see 
The one that wants you to be here with me
I bought some binoculars, right the next day
And for hours, perched by my window I’d stay 

 You’d work and you’d leave and you’d come back again 
I’d smile that you’d never bring back any men 
Our life as a couple, just one road apart 
My binocular girlfriend, queen of my heart 

 But since you bought curtains, it’s no longer fun 
I think our relationship’s finally done 
I’ll be honest with you since I see you no more 
I’ve been cheating on you with the window next door