Much ado about quite a lot of things, in fact

In a week and a half, I'm going home for Summer. This is good news. But before all that I have to hand in a lot of work. This is not good news. I need 1,600 more words on this essay which I'm actually having trouble with. It's one of those essays where nothing in the questions gets me so every word I write seems forced, unnatural and boring. Also have to write all the stuff you're likely to find on the webstie of an energy drink, for another project. This one's due in Thursday and it doesn't seem likely that it'll happen. In the FAQ we have questions like HOW MUCH CAFFEINE IS IN RAPTURE? To ensure that Rapture complies with the caffeine limits set out by the Food Standards Code, our forumulation includes 78mg of caffeine per 250ml can. This is the same as in an average cup of coffee Which is perfectly normal. Then it dwells into the weird and the "I-don't-give-a-shit-anymore" WHY IS RAPTURE DIFFERENT To be honest, it sort of isn't. It's your average run of the mill energy drink. With added Uranium and Colin Mochrie ISN'T THAT DANGEROUS? Why, because he's Canadian? NO THE URANIUM Oh, no. To comply with the Food Standards Association we put in only a small amount of uranium, for that added green glow. It alters your DNA ever so slightly to give you extra energy AREN'T THERE SIDE EFFECTS? You may become sterile and infertile, but that's OK because your children would grow up with 6 toes SHOULDN'T YOU BE SHUT DOWN FOR THAT? The sad part is I'm writing both the questions and the answers --------------- And so on. That last answer was taken completely and unshamefully from the Dr McNinja FAQ (see here, it's the bottom question). --------- I'm not getting anything done, then, aside from work, cos I don't have the time. No drawing or anything, and when I do I can never seem to get into it. I tried drawing Gambit last night, after having seen the Wolverine film (which is, despite the bad reviews, a pretty kick-ass film with some really good effects and acting and not-so-much with the character development but that's not really important with a film like that) and I couldn't do it. Mainly cos I'm rubbish at drawing anything in the style that artists such as Jeph Loeb or Chris Bachalo, but also because I have no time to think about this. Also: Gambit is the shiz