Rain on Suede Shoes

In a flurry of assignment receipts, beers, films and pub food the year ended, and I began to pack all the crap that had accumulated over the last 6 or 7 months and I went home. Aside from the odd problem, the rain thundering down every second of the trip home, it didn't go too bad. We've moved into a new house, which isn't a bad place at all save for the bathroom which looks like it was slapped on by the last minute by someone who had forgotten that bathrooms these days were supposed to be nice, with showers and stuff. It's the sort of bathroom that makes you not want to go anywhere near it because you've seen enough horror films and it's bathrooms exactly like that one where shit goes down, and people's heads and smashed into mirrors (if we had a mirror), or TVs get thrown into the bathtub by some unkown force. Remember the bathroom from the Shining where that old lady is? It's a bit like that, but much smaller. My mobile internet doesn't work here, which will make posting this entry somewhat difficult I can imagine, and my new bed hasn't yet arrived (it's due on the 19th, which is my birthday. The means to go to sleep comfortably is a nice birthday present, all things considered...) I've yet to acquaint myself with this new town though. It looks nice enough, but one day I'll have to venture out of the house to check it out. But all of this will be forgotten by the end of the month, where I'll be hauling ass over to the States whereupon many other difficulties and other things which will hopefully be fun and not at all difficult shall occur. You know it's summer when you look out the windows and everyone's wearing big jackets and anoraks. Whatever. I'm still gonna put on my jandals