Boredom Poem

This is my boredom poem:

 I've lazily called it Death of an Angel. I might change its name later on.


 I watched you through my open window 
In the street below 
You stood there in the cold harsh yellow 
Of the streetlight’s glow 

 The Man looked like he wanted blood 
The way he lurked around 
He stalked the shadows like a cat 
And barely made a sound 

 He walked up and you kissed him there 
With passion, but with hate 
A kiss that made the streetlights flare 
A kiss that sealed your fate 

 He backed away and said something 
I couldn’t understand 
You argued back, and from my view
 I saw the world expand

 I saw the heavens and the hells 
Sin, purity and death 
And when you stopped it all returned 
I had to catch my breath 

 And in a flash the world returned 
My room, the streets, the light 
You two were the there, held in embrace 
He grinned in dead delight 

 His knife was hidden in his coat 
And quickly, I must note 
He had the dark blade in his hand 
Held under your throat 

 And here he whispered in your ear
But you did not reply 
And in one go he slit your throat
And spat on you goodbye 

 I see this in my dreams always 
Your skin a faded blue 
And I feel pain and hear the wails 
The angels cry for you