Freewrite: Hungover Alley

Criteria for this freewrite was: "WRITE A DEMENTED STORY!
Write about a cute kitten and how he dies a gross violent death"
So here it is --------------------------- Oh my, what a cute little kitten! That's what people would have said, about 4 mintues ago if ever they happened to come across the little unnamed kitten in Hungover Alley. It was everything you wanted in a cute little kitten; big cute kitten eyes; fluffy, scruffy cute kitten fur and a meow that would make even Hitler smile. Now it was a mess of blood and inside parts, happily splashed across the bottom of Hungover Alley. You could walk past it, and not give it a second thought. You wouldn't even know what it was anyway; from what anyone could see it didn't have a head or tail or anything. A few paws were sticking out of the tufts of fur, all stuck together by dry, clotted blood. Besides, it was dark began to rain and no one was out. They wouldn't be anywhere near Hungover Alley if they were. And the rain kept pouring, and it flushed the alley of all blood. Morning came.