I started writing this some time ago, I may have mentioned it in a post at some point. I hope to finish it by Christmas, but I never seem to get any of it done ever and so I just leave it be. SCROOGICAL Ebenezer sat down at his old writing desk When at the door knocked Edmund Harrison, esq. Scrooge opened the door to a faceful of tin Which, when it was shook, made a metallic din “What do you want, I’m a damned busy man!” He battered away the old donation can “We would kindly accept any cash for the poor.” “No,” Scrooge replied, and he slammed shut the door “Something for nothing!” he cried to the wall “All this money I have, I worked for it all. “And they want me to give it – they’re taking the piss! “My old partner’d be sick if he heard about this!” Ebenezer had cash, and he had bloody loads The gold stuff was piling up in his abode He didn’t like sharing, the stingy old git And never would he give a penny of it Bob Cratchet looked up from his book of accounts “Surely you can give them a little amount. “It’s a time for giving, it’s Christmas, be nice!” Scrooge looked at him coldly and cursed once or twice “On the subject,” said Bob, “Can I ask that I may “Be with my family for Christmas day?” “You want a day off?” Scrooge choked on his words He couldn’t believe what he thought he just heard It took Bob some talking, but Scrooge finally caved “You go, but remember your wage will be waved.” The sun soon went down and the old arse went home Put striped jammies on, and a cap on his dome He got into bed, and blew out the light When a clink from downstairs made him sit up in fright His eyes went all wide when he saw the bright shape He watched it walk in, his eyes all agape


It stops here. I have four ghosts to write about, still, and a new funny ending to consider, too. It'll probably take me the remaining 6 months of the year to figure that out. Maybe I'll be done by Christmas next year