Juice, and some sightseeing

I return from London, after having spent several days in a 3 person room with 3 people named Chris (or variations thereof) and one named, quite differently, Heather. Not an awful lot happened in that room, save for the drinking of many flavours of juice (I still have no idea what Guanabana is, but it tastes horrible) and sleep, as the more interesting parts of the trip to London happened, as it were, in acutal London Town, where such thrilling events transpired such as Walking Around For Hours Cos We Had No Idea Where We Were Going, and Almost Getting Kicked Out of Trafalgar For Throwing Water and Newspapers Around in the Rain, And Returning A Couple of Hours Later Because a Woman Was Throwing Glowsticks In Some Sort of Publicity Stunt. That second thing was weird. She was stood up on that big barb-wired podium thing several dozen feet of the ground, and was throwing glowsticks at people. It got pretty violent. My friend told her he was in love with her. Whether it was because her umbrella was yellow, or he really meant it or because he was just using her for glowsticks we shall never know. But he got some glowsticks out of it. Or would have it that black guy hadn't threatened to tear his face off if he got near them. We witnessed some people get robbed. That was an experience. It was also kind of awkward having to walk up to them, searching vainly for their phones, and tell them that the shifty guy with the blue backback, yeah him down there in the distance, took their shit and we stood idly by and did nothing. It's almost as bad as the time I almost set a guy up for rape. But that's a different story, and not nearly as exciting or illegal as I make it out to be. It wasn't all violence and muggings. Not really. Food was eaten. And we collectively agreed, at least 3 of us did, that the two girls working in Tokyo Toys were our perfect girls. They, as far as I can see, were. One had neko ears on, although I found out later that she didn't wear them outside of work. It was there that my friend spent seventy five pounds on a ring. It was a cool ring, I'll have to admit. We also invented a fantastic character. He only has a name, and his name is his job and debatably some form of superpower (can Wandering be a superpower?) and we don't quite know what he looks like or what he's gonna do or anything about it (or even if he's a he, for that matter) but we do know that Vertigo is going to buy the rights and it'll make us overnight millionaires, which will be used for funding towards the best game ever made Priest Wars. Watch out for that shit, people We also saw like, Big Ben and that. I think I have a photo of one. I took 426 of them, and 3 motion pictures (because it's awesomely pretentious to call them that, and that's what it says on the screen when you set it on that anyway) Here's a picture of the aforementioned glowsticks. They took a lot of fighting to get: