The Builder's Code

When life gives you lemons, follow Meat Loaf's view on it and ask for your fucking money back. Then go out and buy some pre made lemonade and drink it all on the way back. I wish I had paid someone to build this shed for me. My arms are killing me and I am heavily blistered. I must also insist on people who feel like it's a fantastic idea to build sheds, that it's not and that you're all morons for thinking so. Also, wear closed shoes. I have many cuts on my foot, from stepping on sharp things and falling in the rose bushes. But much swearing and pickeled onion flavoured crisps later, it's built, if in a somewhat rickety half assed way. I'm only in this house for two more weeks so it can fall down all it wants once I'm gone. Not my problem any more. I still haven't fixed my backspace key, but I have adapted to it, much like a chameleon can adapt itself to the floor once it's been stood on by a particularly fat person. At least I can finally do the script for this comic. Eight pages, considerably more to go.