Oh look, an update

Blog. It's been like a week since I last updated you. For this I apologise. My computer's still on the brink, and it's not good as I don't get an awful lot of anything done, because as I have realised my entire creative career pretty much relies on having computers around, for writing, drawing or communicating. I've had to make do with phones and paper and stuff. What a world we live in. I need to send the damn thing off the get fixed, but I only just got my files back yesterday off the guy who spent 4 days doing what was essentially a two hour job. The other reason I haven't blogged is because there isn't an awful lot to blog about. It's the summer and everything's quiet and I actually haven't tried to do anything. I have spent the last few days playing games I haven't played in years, but not the cool asian mystery game or anything, more like Final Fantasy X. I've been planning a lot of this comic (or graphic novel as is the vernaculer) which I plan on doing with Wilson, about a guy who wanders and helps people out. But right now all I really have is a weak story and a lot of drawings involving a man wearing a fedora and a big coat, assuring me that this will in no way have any cliches.