Rescue the damsel, kill the bad guy, save the world

Brendan Fraser's awesome. .... Months after getting AC Newman's album Get Guilty I still can't get enough of Prophets. It's a great song and was featured in the season 4 finale of How I Met Your Mother, which makes it that much better. This is what it sounds like. It's such a chilled out song. I've been listening to a lot of it while writing out Wanderer, which is going better than I thought and could actually be the first comic I actually finish (although this won't be evident till we actually get it done. This will take several years). All I need now is to type up a script for the first arc, (or first two issues) and we'll be underway. It would be much easier if my fucking computer was fixed. I miss writing things. Somehow I can't seem to get anything done on other people's computers. Oh, no. Evie just died on Mummy Returns. I kind of wish she wouldn't be brought back to life though, cos she was shit in the third one. Ho hum.