Requesting Entry

Productivuty seems to create more productivity. It took me ages to come up with a sentence with the word "entry" (as in blog entry). That's all I could come up with for a title I'm back up in the city where I study, and my course isn't starting for another week. This is, as far as I was concerned, peak time for catching up with things that have been slacking. I was wrong of course, and things that have been slacking are slacking even more. This probably comes from living with a friend, which means I'm spending a lot of time fucking around doing nothing. There's heavy works going on outside my building. Wakes me up really early in the morning, but it means I can attempt, if only half heartedly to get shit done in the morning. I'm gonna try to write something more interesting later. I don't even think I want to be bothered thinking of humorous tags.