Commodities and Contemplating Fridays

I should be in bed now, but I'm staying up and reading this stupid article on the Simpsons and commodity culture and this bloke who's called Mr Bennett, I was disappointed to find out wasn't Noah from Heroes, nor Elizabeth's father off Pride and Prejudice. Who knew the Simpsons could be so boring? Maybe if the author actually spoke of them once in a while instead of gavotting on about this obscure author no one gives a shit about. It's from a book about the Simpsons, with more articles on people studying the Simpsons. Sigh. Because it's so boring I'm trying to make the presentation I have to do on it interesting by adding funny pictures and all, but that's much harder than I thought. Maybe I should figure out what I'm gonna present before I start making up the slides. Spent the last two hours tweeting non stop, mainly cos I have nothing else to do, and the only person who's tweeting at the same rate I am is Amanda Palmer talking about her LOFNOTC (Losers of Friday night on the computer) hashtag topic which is turning into something off Fight Club, making my last few tweets a bit like a stupid one-sided conversation with myself. Oh well. I think I might head back to bed, if I can be bothered. Or watch Antichrist. Apparently it makes for very uncomfortable viewing. I'll have to wait and see.