Mark Lanegan's voice should be outlawed

I have a burn mark on the back of my hand, and I don't know how it got there. It looks more like a vampire bite oddly enough and it stings like a bitch, and makes typing and drawing and everything kind of difficult. I have spent the day drawing squares on paper, then doing lineart of faces and rather stationary-looking characters, then getting angry at it, starting again and suceed more or less, to give it to my collaborator to draw over it to detail it. This is going to take a shit load of time. Ho hum. I don't know how many silhouettes and darkened faces I can draw before people get bored of people without faces and mysterious motives and dialogue. Who knew writing and illustrating a comic was so hard. This song is creepy as a motherfucker. The voices go right through you.
NARRATION (Previous Wanderer) Know what a good feeling is? That slow countdown. The anticipation. 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... And of course - EXT. BALE HOUSE - NIGHT Bale House explodes, windows shattering, fire erupting from the windows. The Previous Wanderer, face hidden by the shadows of his hat, walks away from it, smiling widely NARRATION (Previous Wanderer) Walking away from a burning house. That’s always a good feeling