Saving Daylight

Blog, we dont' talk about feelings as much as we should be. This is good, and let's remain that way for a while. Feelings shouldn't be put up on the internet. At least not mine anyway. People should check out my friend Chris's blog. No, not that one who I did the banner for like a year ago and he didn't do shit about it. It's a new Chris, and he might be sticking to it. He's yet to get into the feel of blogging, shit I think I still need to get into the feel of it, but have a read. It's like mine, only not as nicely designed and not by me. I was just in bed, but felt (see, we're talking about feelings) I had to get up and do things on the computer. I have done them, and now am blogging about having done them. Ho hum. I think I need some sleep. The world is lying to me by saying it's only half past two, but it's HALF PAST THREE (gasp!). Daylight savings is a sneaky bastard.