Technically I drew it yesterday

I have been sending emails to big companies in Animation and am now pointlessly awaiting replies at ten past two in the morning. Who knows, maybe Nick Park's up at this hour for this very reason. I'm going to need to find somebody to email and interview for this Professional Context class, which is the most pointless and confusing thing since the N64 controller. I probably read like a total idiot in all of them, but whatever, it can't be nearly as bad as the podcast I did, where I sat and spoke about myself and what I wanted to do. It turned out pretty well, I think, but I have about 12 videos where I fuck it up in some way or another. I've also been watching a lot of Japanese comedy (or おįŽ‘い "owarai" as they know it as) today, and have been laughing even though I don't have a clue what they're saying. They shout a lot, though, and that's always good for a laugh or two. I drew a pretty picture today
Seriously. What the fuck?