Why so semantic?

Oh wow. According to deviantart, there's only one day left to get free shipping on all prints. And to think I would have missed out on such a good deal. But then I have nothing I want to buy, and I have all this work to do. I did spend the last five hours watching Batman: The Animated Series, though, but that's because I'm doing an essay on it. My course is awesome. It also makes me buying a pack of Spiderman candy sticks less geeky. Wait, no it doesn't. The temporary tattoo that came with it is pretty fly though. Yeah. I finally learnt the other day, thanks to our good friends at Dinosaur Comics, what you call that thing where you say a word over and over and it loses all meaning. It's called Semantic Satiation. But you all probaly knew that The other day we were walking through town, in a vain attempt to find something to eat, and then suddenly we found ourselves in a massive gathering of the devil's minions, unenthusiastic fathers and fourteen year old girls wearing a disturbingly small amount of clothing. Gripping our rapidly cooling subway sandwiches we pushed through the throng of happy Hallowe'eners in an attempt to go somewhere we could sit down and eat without being stood or vomited on. And there behind the empty church was a discarded set of octopus legs, which someone had thrown away probably because it only had seven legs and no one could stand the embarassment of wearing such a thing. We brought it home and had many laughs, because we realised it was hilarious when you put a Christopher Lee mask on as well. Also, if people aren't watching the hilarious comedy stylings of Jinnai Tomonori, you are all fucking insane