Amsterdamnible Animations

OK, just one episode of How I Met Your mother and then I'm going to bed. Promise. It's almost 2, but I've finished all the work I have to do, which I will happily drop off at uni tomorrow and then buy some celebratory cake and alcohol or something. Oh, so I went to this amazing fireworks display at this church today. It was ... well, no, it was pretty shit indeed. There was a fire, and it was kind of impressive. Pews and shit were burnt which was cool, even a cross, which we all found funny as hell because there was this black guy next to us. I don't think he saw the humour. He was too busy enjoying the fire. The queue for hotdogs was hilariously long, and when we got inside, finally, it turns out there was this secret extra line behind the door. But we got our hotdogs, which were cold (but 50p, which is pretty awesome), and the cordial was free. Then it all got boring, cos we saw the fireworks which were small and sad, but taken out of the church funds so good for them. It got boring, then people went and did things and I went home cos I'm a sad old bastard with a lot to do for tomorrow. I think I'll get some writing done tomorrow or something. Fun times ahead. I even had to laugh at Morpheus the other night to get a lot of the work done. I managed to stay up the following day very well, save for when I fell asleep during the boring showing of Drawn from Memory, a shit autobiographical animation about some bloke who grew up in wartime and really wanted to go to America cos he loved it. The film ended and he wasn't in America, but in Amsterdamn. It sucked. That n was put there on purpose for comedy's sakes. It's not really that funny. Here's a jump animation I did the other day for class. I like it. The weighting's just right.