Hey, where's Front of Horse? That guy's a riot

Hallowe'en came by, not for dinner or anything. It appeared and then disappered in a haze of alcohol and too many Heather Ledger Jokers. I counted four this year, which is a dramatic decrease in numbers from last year where there were a staggering twelve of them all within about a hundred feet from each other. And that was before we went a-wandering through the streets because we had nowhere else to go. Ah good times. No one got my costume. OK, so dressing up as Earl off of TV probably wasn't the most obvious one but come on people. I blame having seen the entire first series in the course of about three days, though. Television does have an influence on people. Everyone had a good time, I believe, and people dressed up as such memorable fictional characters such as the Pope, Link and Guy With Carling Box on His Head. Honourable mentions in Basil's Blog Awards Made Up Just So He Can List The People From Corp The Other Day are: Kazuo Kiryama - what a legendary bartender. Jesus Tom who came dressed up in a Hawaian shirt pretending to be some anime character Harley Quinn Kris Holmes as Zorro Heather as a cat with a torn shirt Chris Gray as a guy with a torn shirt and red corn syrup on his face Gambit Wilson, in a black tshirt, and a cape he got rid of within seconds of getting there And a couple of Scooby Doos