I bet even this blog has been affected

I am proud of myself. I have mastered all 2,042 government set Kanji all Japanese students must learn. I am now ready to learn sentences and acutally get somewhere with this language. It's been enough time since I studied sentences. To help with my kanji-practising, I have installed a weird new add-on for firefox, which makes the first letter of certain words into their kanji counterparts. For example, the Facebook comment "that's not very lady like young Soph!!!!! Fantastic news though - WELL DONE." Is now "that's 勿ot very 婦ady like 若oung Soph!!!!! Fantastic news though - 井ELL DONE." This isn't even the right meaning of Well. Ptsch It's affecting every single page, and is very bizzare, but very usefull, so I think I'll keep it. In more good news, I have modelled this in surprisingly less time than I thought it would take, and made a little animation to go with it, here. It's this uni project where we have to do this man and machine animation. Mine will involve blowing his computer to bits with his ridiculous arm. It's gonna be much easier to do than other people's. Everyone's doing Terminators and those giant spider things from Wild Wild West which actually fucking exist in real life. And I'm doing a guy shooting his computer up. It's semi-autobiographical, semi-fantasy.