Queer Ghosts 2: Queer Harder

Ok, this is a bit of an inside joke. I don't often talk about inside jokes because no one else understands them (that's sort of the whole point), but I'm putting this up, because it's the most retarded thing I've ever done on photoshop. And I've done some retarded things on Photoshop. It started out as a "who can make the Ghost Town poster into a horror poster" (the origin of which is another in-joke. See, this is why I don't talk about in-jokes. It's just one long trail of them) and whilst Wilson made a really subtle scary thing, I made something which looked like Sweeney Todd meets the Office, but in the worst possible way. So, giving up, I made Queer Ghosts, which involved making Ricky Gervais into some Gamorrean-like thing, and Greg Kinnear into some clown mime thing. Fuck knows what it is.