Insert Candle/Count Dracula Pun Here (Because I can't think of one)

OK, I have one of three assignments done. I have to hand them in on Thursday. I'm pretty certain' I'll manage. This is what it looks like. Now for a tiny bit of relaxing before I get into finishing this essay on Batman. 

On Friday I'm going all the way back to Cornwall to celebrate Christmas (WOOOO) with my family, but I'll be stopping off at my sister's in Plymouth on the way, and get a lift with her for the rest of the journey. Huzzah, it's almost Christmas. Oh, shit, I need to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Thrills and krill all around.

I want to write an email Christmas card with some sort of story on it, but I don't think I'll have the time. I've been trying to get Scroogical finished for like two years. Bastard thing just won't let itself be finished.

OK, goodnight blog. I'm going to carry on writing by the dim light of my Dracula candle that Wilson bought me the other day, because it was going cheap and its head was almost cut off.

No worry for that anymore, though

Christmas Countdown:  12 motherfuck'n days