Sometimes you just wonder

The rain it raineth on the just, And also on the unjust fella. But chiefly on the just, because. The unjust hath the just's umbrella.

Argh, it's four in the morning again. I need to break this habit by Christmas or Santa won't come around and give me presents. That and I'll piss everyone in my house off with my loud music and Buffy episodes.

I totally blame the fact that I have no more early starts and can therefore change my entire sleep schedule and move it forward 4 or 5 hours without affecting my classes or anything. I probably wouldn't recommend it, though. I've been up writing though, and I'm getting a fair bit into Dial M 2 now, which I thought would never take off. That and I've been planning that Lullabies story I told you about last time. 

Things are looking pretty good.

Except for our lessons on Monday and Tuesday. Our teacher barely seems to have a lesson plan, shows us awful videos then lets us go. Today, after discussing our marks individually (leaving everyone else to do nothing in the process), he talked about this film he wants to make about a ninja assassin girl from Leeds of all places who is the Chosen One  and goes to Malaysia. There's no plot. All he said was that he wanted a ninja girl from Leeds who was the Chosen one and that it would have parallel dimensions and people from the future  And everyone was like "Is this man mad or something?" Then we spent half an hour discussing with him what we felt, only if we really told him he we felt about this ridiculous project he wants us to work on then we'd probably have been thrown off the course of something. I was incredibly close to shouting how absolutely fucking ridiculous the whole thing was.

Oh, and it's not set in our world. Apparently not, anyway.

Countdown to Christmas: 3 weeks, 3 days!