Wooo, wedding!

This week I was told over by Chris on this blog that you can get paid for doing reviews. I like trying things, I like watching films and I certainly like criticizing and getting paid for it, so I signed up. I don't know if you guys can see this page, or if you have to be logged in. Otherwise I'll just post them up individually when I do interesting ones worth reading, like this one about A Tale of Two Sisters, this one on the Dark Knight, and this on Godzilla. Fuck knows if those link work, either. But I'm getting money from it so I don't care. Actually.

*edit* I just learnt, my reviews only get published days a few days after I write them. Oh, right. Gotcha


Today I helped a bunch of Haitians by packing and loading up great big boxes of big-ass tents, and survival things like water purifiers. I think I may have to go back tomorrow and start all over again because 300 boxes isn't enough, apparently. I feel like a better person, already.

I also learnt today this. Today has been filled with happiness, except when I had to pay 250 pounds into my stupid account because it was overdrawn. 

Ok, now I'm gonna watch some TV or something, or ... maybe ... go to bed early ? *gasp*