Friend on the Other Side

I watched the Princess and Frog the other day, and it put my faith back in Disney. I thought the whole company had decided "fuck it, we're making enough money mulching off Pixar and those oh-so-amazing sequels", after all, who didn't love Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, or Ariel's Beginning, or the amazing Stitch has a Glitch. But then Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter decided that Disney was beginning to look like a stinking pile of shit (with Disney even announcing at some point that Home on the Range would be their last 2D canon piece) and so Princess and the Frog was born. And it has a kick-ass soundtrack.

Good call, John Lasseter. This is why I love you. Actually, this is one of many reasons I love you. Here's an article that's basically parroting all my thoughts. 


So the film was totally awesome, but I'm not going to say why. Here's a review I wrote on it . It was given "very useful" ratings all around so it's probably got something good in it. I sort of hope it inspires other companies to start doing the old 2D animation again, because I'd hate for it to carry on in its Requiem for a Dream spiral, barely grasping on while 3D tears it to shreds with Wolverine claws. I really want to do 2D animation. 

OK, one more episode of House, then I'm going to sleep.

Oh, and check out my picture of Princess and the Frog baddie Dr Facilier I drew. It's totally rad