Why doing nothing is a step up from modelling weird crocodiles

I like doing nothing. It's a considerable step up from doing a lot of things, which in my opinion just takes too much time. 

But then when you spend all day juicing things because you finally learnt how the juicer works, then you have to spend the next day doing loads of stuff to catch up, like write lists on what you want to do. I had a list of five things this morning which I had to do, but when I realised I wasn't bothered doing any of them, I added more things to the list, so that I could do them and then actually have something crossed off. But when I didn't do those, I had to write "cross something off the list" onto the list. I eventually managed to cross it off, like three hours later.

I ended up with 24 things on my to-do list, and in one weird miraculous way, I have managed to do 23 of them. Granted, one of them was "Water Clive" (my kick-ass Venus Fly Trap) and "Watch Takeshis' ".

Takeshis' is a weird film, bringing the typical Takeshi Kitano related madness and violence to brand new surreal heights, likening the WTF levels dangerously close to Takashi Miike levels. t was semi-autobiographical, and completely insane. Kitano plays two people, in this: successful actor 'Beat' Takeshi and struggling actor Mr Kitano. Everyone cast member in the film has dual roles and nothing makes sense, except it kind of does.  I don't know. Watch the film, you'll see what I'm blabbering on about (but watch like every film he's made before that. I'm pretty sure this film was referencing a bunch of his older films I've never seen)

Apparently this is my 100th post. How interesting. So I'm gonna post up The Things You Just Do (or what I have of it so far) in my next post.

Here's this stupid two-legged beast I've been trying to model for two weeks:

and here it is in three (count 'em three) virtual dimensions. Yeah, it's a work in progress