Freewrite: Argandis

Criteria: "Rant about a world bigger and richer than Asia....make your fingers go numb....think after you create...have fun, namaste!"


They lived in Argandis. It was a supercontinent, floating above the world, stretching for over ten million square miles. It was so big that nobody saw it. It would be like standing in Times Square and asking to point out the Earth. Argandis floated, almost two hundred thousand feet above the world, and it was there. People chose not to see it, because when they did, they realized they never saw sunlight again.

In a world so big, where do you begin? The peaceful countries in the east, or the snowy and deadly mountain peeks due south? Argandis was almost its own world, and survived through its own ecosystem which nobody knew how it worked, it just did. There were great lakes and rivers flowing off the edge, plummeting onto Earth, there were huge forests and deserts. Argandis was rich in every mineral, and had mines of gold, silver and every other precious metal. Whatever man was killing itself over on Earth, Argandis had it. But no one could go on Argandis. No one was on Argandis, or at least, nobody that wanted to be seen. At night, if you were anywhere near it and you wanted to, you could see fires and smoke. You could hear chatter, and laughter. But there never was anyone visible on Argandis. No one wanted to believe it existed, and so no one ever got to see it. Occasionally, massive chunks of Argandis fell and crashed onto the planet beneath it, enriching it if only a tiny bit. People ignored that too, and carried on living. And above the world, above the wars and the death, the love and hate, sex, crime and money, Argandis stayed.