He owns the night, apparently

I can celebrate a tiny bit today because I've finally finished this stupid dragonfly I've been working on for the last few weeks. A simple import of the original video footage file onto a plain, much like a projection, and I could more or less move the dragonfly left and right, making it look like it was flying. Chuck it behind a blue-screen, and by that I mean a blue background, and three hours of rendering later, we're done. Hooray. Once the whole thing's done, I'll post it up on youtube, and be thrilled at the little bit of the video which is mine. Despite our shoddy subject matter I'm actually thinking it might look really good, so here's hoping.

Till then, have a look at this Batman picture I did yesterday. It didn't look like that all before but I got bored, messed around with colour and levels and it became this. Might work on the flowing cape and a better background and all that some other time, but for the meantime enjoy that. Here's what it otherwise looks like