My videos simply aren't as good

I've managed to get a "downloads" page on this blog, which seems a bit pointless as I've only put one thing up there, but there it is. You can find at just underneath the header, or here. I've put up Dial M for Mephistopheles in all its textual glory, and I added a "videos" section, only to realize I don't really have any video to play.

Speaking of videos, by the way, I have finally finished rigging the dragonfly and it is fully functional and ready to be animated. Only problem here is I can't actually texture the thing without it looking really off and fucking the rigging around heaps, so I have to start panicking about that. Hurrah hurrah.

Here's what it looks like. It's just a little grey at the moment.

In other news, nothing. Nothing's happened, and that's probably a good thing. There's a new song by songstress Amanda Palmer about Lady Gaga, herself and Madonna on Youtube here. I like it. It's about art and pop music which is pretty cool. Oh, and for videos, here's something I found to be rather hilarious, and amusingly enough something I was thinking about making some time back, but was too lazy to do anything about it. But congratulations Britanick, yours was faster and considerably better than anything I could have done. 


Why can't I bloody find anything to write? I need some inspiration somewhere. I need some art. But first I need to sleep cos I have to be up at 7. Bah, I don't like this early class.