Enter Tyler Durden

I can't sleep, and this is awful, because I have a class in little under 7 hours. Light seeps in through my curtain at the bit I can't close and it makes the room just too light to sleep in, it's too hot to put the cover over my eyes without choking to death and I can hear, slowly creeping into my skull in a slow and sullen but albeit irritating sounds of bass somewhere filling my brain with not so much sounds but an entire cacophony of bullshit. So I thought I'd write a blog and fall asleep at my computer like they do in the movies. It won't be nearly as restful but it won't be nearly as irritating either. I yawn, but I do not sleep. Sounds like the beginning of a pretty bad riddle.

So I figure I'll try to work for a bit. Tomorrow's lesson is probably the last one I can ask questions about my presentation before I have to do it and seeing I have no idea if what I've been working on is a good idea, maybe I'll just finish it and not tell the teacher about it, so she can't tell me what to improve. It's a bad, defeatist attitude, but in reality it's a "I don't really give a shit any more" kind of attitude.

I posted up the work in progress that is my Amanda Palmer's music video for Girl Anachronism onto Youtube. Its obviously not finished, missing about half of the footage, but it's getting there.

Another video I want to post is this hauntingly beautiful piece from a musical about Dracula called Entre L'amour et la Mort. It's amazing.

There's an artist on my iTunes called "artist". The album under that name is titled "title", the genre "default", the song "Track 02" (makes you wonder what happened to the first one), and the lyrics are pretty undefinable. A mystery indeed. Android music identifier Shazam isn't any help though, so I've taken the few lyrics I can get and googled them. Turns out it's "THE TRANSCENDENTAL DEDUCTION of the Pure Concepts of Understanding. by Immanuel Kant Translation by Roderick T. Long Music and vocals by Paul L. Fine ." whatever the fuck that is.

Ok, time to stare blankly at the screen till I drop for a few minutes. I feel like Edward Norton at the start of Fight Club