Much media

Huh, Blogger's acting all weird today. Hope this actually posts. Anyway, today I got a haircut because I know that if I don't get it done my mum'll freak when I go home in two weeks. It's short and looks kind of awful but I'll give it a week. Should look better. Yesterday we spent four hours sitting in a room where people showed us their videos for Integrated Project, as well as the long and boring presentations that followed. A lot of them were bad, but a few of them were good. Most of them, however, weren't as awesome as ours, here on youtube. I did the dragonfly animation (Wils modeled it), Kris Holmes did all the live action stuff, Heather Langford doing the paintings, and Chris Gray did the Flash. Anyway there it is, and everyone's really glad to get it out of the way. That's right. So long, Colin Pons. I hope I never get one of your classes again. 

I have some new pics up on deviantart, nothing really special: Gorillaz sketch and this guy here I did which was based heavily from Justice from Afro Samurai. 


Now I'm going to go watch Graham Norton.