Simon the Ankle Seller wasn't doing very well, because everyone who would walk up to his stall already had ankles, and even some to spare. So Simon wasn't a great deal sure what business his Ankle Buisness should expand into. He sold chocolates a year later, and although he was successful he still had a passion for ankles. And nobody was selling his chocolate ankles because they weren't a good shape at all and they tasted strange even though they were made from the same sort of chocolate he made his chocolater ears and chocolate combs from.
Simon had the idea, one day to melt all of his chocolate ankles and from it he made a big chocolate Buddha, but he ommited the ankles, because they reminded him too much of his past life. These days, living in the slums of Kowloon, he worked undercover in the Triads, helping to infiltrate the organization and bring the thing crumbling down. He was known as Simon the Sweet because he made chocolate in his spare time.
He never tattooed his ankles.