Quick one from France

There's a kitten attempting, and failing, to eat my pen as I type this, going through ny Japanese book as well, while another kitten is scratching at my wristwatch but missing and is in fact just scratching my wrists. If I return to England with slit wrists, I haven't gone emo. Just too many kittens.
The last week I've been in France. Arrived in Calais, went to St Quentin for some days, then moved a bit further south to wherever it is I am today. I don't quite know the name, but its pretty close to Paris. There's a lot of going places, seeing people I apparently met when I was too small to remember anything. My computer has, once again, bust and now I'm more or less sans options except for purchasing a new one, which I was thinking if doing anyway once  I had money. Who's got 300 quid they're not using? So because if this I'm using my phone to blog. It's taking ages and the keyboard keeps fucking up and spelling the wrong word, but its better than nothing.
Ok, time for sike American tv in French, then for some sleep.
Good night, internet