A quick character description I wrote while trying to figure out this Dave character.


Dave said nothing, in much the same way he normally did. He didn’t like talking to people, and he certainly didn’t like talking to people he didn’t know.

   Dave sat still and stared at the wall. He didn’t want to know what the doctors told him, and he didn’t want to know what they recommended he do or what he should take. Nothing ever worked and Dave had long since decided not to bother with trying. So Dave sat, watched the wall, ignoring the words which flowed around him. If he concentrated enough he could see them, floating around his head. Some of the words, like “it” and “the” were small and Dave ignored them but there weren’t any good words in this conversation. None of them sounded good to his ears, so he turned the doctors around him off and looked at the wall, and heard the yellow of the wallpaper and smelled the worry that came through the doors every day.

To say that Dave didn’t like people was a lie. Dave cherished people. Without people he knew he would die, and perish and become another person Dave needed people to function. When he sat outside and ate the sandwiches he had prepared himself, he saw the people and he saw the words coming out of their mouths and he felt their emotions and he cried inside for all of them, even when they were happy.

He left the hospital and spent the evening at Woo’s, watching the live band play. He couldn’t see the music like he could see the words. He wished he could. As he sat and drank his half pint of beer, observing the people in bar, he thought about his life. He thought about the time he went to Tibet and trained with the monks. He thought about the time he met Morgan Freeman on the Metro. There was Jay on the other side of the bar. He knew Jay. Jay was one of the only people Dave said anything to. But Dave didn’t have anything to say, so he stayed where he was and watched the lyrics fill the room. He desperately wanted a cigarette, but none of the shops were open at this time.

Dave thought of the things he saw that day, as he lay in his bed. He thought about the doctors, the bus and the knight and the bar. He remembered Jay’s wings weren’t the colour they were last week, and he wasn’t sure if they had always been that colour and he hadn’t remembered properly. He remembered buying cigarettes. So why didn’t he have any? Dave desperately wanted some cigarettes, but he didn’t want to stand up to look for them. Besides, he was too busy looking at the stars on his ceiling. He saw Perseus in the sky, tonight. He had never seen Perseus.

Dave went to sleep happy, and dreamt of cars and poker chips.