Four Lions and a kick ass poster

You know what's not a great deal of fun? Not having anyone to talk to because everyone in your apartment decided to move out when you were in France. Wilson's been gone all week and Lisa left the day after I came back, leaving me with my House boxset, and the feeling that I'll probably end up going through the whole thing before the week is out.

Thankfully, that wasn't entirely true. I did spend some time with Li and we went and saw this stupid film about suicide bombers in Sheffield called Four Lions. It was a mockumentary of sorts, and for a while I feared that by going to see it we were supporting Colin Pons. Which, as you can tell from previous posts, is something I wouldn't do with a ten foot science pole. Here's the trailer for the film, and despite the stupidity of the whole thing, it was actually quite funny. There's this brilliant bit, near the end, where they're meant to be in London (in fact, it's about the last half an hour) but the street they filmed it on I walk past all the time. There were even "For Sale" signs with Sheffield area phone numbers on. Silly people. I've gotten a hell of a lot done, though, and working towards this animated short I want to get finished by the end of summer. I'm also working on a few ideas I want to explore (again over summer) for my third year animation project. Considering doing something I've entitled The Mind of Thaddeus Prosper, but it could be the sort of thing everyone else will do, so I've looked into the Victorian legend of  Spring Heeled Jack and have done some cool concept art for him. I'll upload something once I know exactly what I'm going to be doing.  In other news, I posted up a couple of pictures on deviantart. One is Harley Quinn, although I don't really like it a great deal. The pencil sketch was much better. And then there's this self portrait which I think is quite cool. Gonna finish watching this John Woo film I bought the other day. It looks pretty good, and this is the fucking poster for it.