Freewrite: The City

Here's a short load of paragraphs I scribbled trying to get some ideas down for my new story (to be finished by December, of all things). It's a bit nonsensical but there we have it. Also, have you noticed the new site work done here? I'm quite fond of it, what do you all think?


The world I woke up in wasn't the one I had gone to bed in. Even though it looked exactly the same, and although, at the time, i didn't know the words to express what I thought, I knew something had changed.

But maybe that was because I was just a kid. Everything changes all the time when you're a kid. I would wake up a month later, in London, in the huge towering metropolis of the city, with its futuristic light fixtures and taps that went SWOOSH when you put your finger against the small sensor. Living there, after living in the Village was different, true, but I had gotten used to it after a while. Sure there wasn't a witch in the small thatch cottage down the road, and there wasn't a small sweet shop just around the corner from the school, but there was London, and all of its glory. Here the city had been, once, overrun with panic and chaos, six years ago, when the years changed and the clocks didn't work like they were meant to. I don't know, I was only two when it happened. Now, though, in the last six years they have rebuilt everything, whatever scares of bugs have long gone. I miss the Village. I miss the sounds of the forest, and the Green Man who would lumber by. We would never catch much of a glimpse of Green Man, but we'd know he was there.

Here, all we have is the city.