Nature is a haunted house


--but Art--is a house that tries to be haunted." That's what Emily Dickinson said once.

The last few days I've been going over different ideas and themes to include in this story, and I think I have a pretty solid plot now. It's laden with plot holes and huge "wtf" moments, but at least it's enough to get started. I'm gonna start writing the thing tomorrow. Hopefully then I'll have enough time after I'm done to review and change everything.

For now I'm scribbling down all kinds of ideas and, to keep my mind from imploding at all these plot holes have been drawing, too. Drawing of the cast of How I Met Your Mother (although I rushed Barney) and a portrait of Danny DeVito up on deviantArt here and here. Also been trying to get some concepts and scenes laid out for the Spring Heeled Jack short, but that's taking a long time to do. I'm beginning to wonder if it wasn't too ambitious. A simple two-lighting scene took about half an hour to render a frame. That's ridiculously long.

Oh, I've also done some adjustments to the banner and the background which I think make it look a lot better, especially the banner. I'll leave you with the aforementioned pictures so you don't have to click on links. Oh and this guy I was doodling trying to get the pressure sensitivity to do what I wanted:

Frank Reynolds is one of the best new fictional characters.