The Pratchett Prize

Just as I clicked on the "create new post" link up on the Dashboard, my computer bleeped in that bizarre way it does when Tweetdeck has some new Tweets for me and my computer's trying to sound like a bird. It was the incredibly awesome Neil Gaiman telling the world about the Terry Pratchett Prize which, if my brief glance over the page is correct, is a competition where ordinary, boring tryhard writers like myself submit to the king of fantasy comedy their completed 80,000-150,000 word stories and, with any luck, if he chooses it, you get a load of cash and a publishing deal.

This is freaking awesome.

I think I finally have something to do this summer. I'm going to go over it in more detail tomorrow, but if it's like that then I have a lot of work to do. My already completed stories (which I'm still not greatly proud of but whatever) come in at 77,000 odd words each, so I'm heading along the right path. Question is, do I start from scratch or do I try to do something I've already got?

With the deadline being December I only have about 5 months left to write it, too, which is really a short amount of time. Oh, there is one little limitation. It seems to have to be set on Earth, an alternate Earth, that is, which is a bit of a pain in the ass.

I am rather excited. But what to write about?


In other news: nothing. I can't even remember what I wanted to post up in the first place. It was probably going to be something ridiculous and boring like that iPad commercial I hate so much. It's not that I have anything against the iPad (well, I do actually) but the ad is just so stupid. "iPad is thin, iPad is beautiful. It's already a revolution". What the hell is that about?

Oh, I have finally finished one part of script for the first volume of the Wanderer graphic novel we've been trying to do. I sent it to Chris Wilson and he read it and enjoyed it and seemed to know what I was trying to convey anyway. If I carry on at this pace, I'll have finished the two other parts and we'll be on the way to a completed comic. For once.

So far, it's looking like this: