Car stunts and suckers

Writing, writing, writing. It's all I seem to be these days, and even then I don't seem to be doing an awful lot of it. I can't wait to get into the swing of the story and properly start writing it all. The introductions always give me a bit of trouble, but once I get past that into the main plot it should all be good.

I've been asked by my friend Chris to do a cartoon of him, like I did on my self portrait here. Thing is I'm having trouble drawing him. The man's enough of a cartoon as it is, and my first few sketches made him look a bit like Jafar.

I mean look at him

That's one of his better pictures:

And his doppelganger:

Saw the A-Team film the other day, and it was pretty rockin'. Made me want to whip out the old series again and watch it, which I am. It's full of car stunts, plans, and tough guys who are simply not getting on any plane, sucker. I forgot how absolutely awesome it was.

Anyway, all in all I've been having very relaxing albeit very distracting days. Should be working on a story, but instead I'm playing Final Fantasy 12 or 13 all day. Oh well, still doing Japanese every day, but still don't seem to be getting anywhere. Sooner or later I'll be doing blog posts fully in Japanese, and have some translation or something. In fact, I might even, over the next few months try and incorporate sentences (with translation) into the blog, just to ease in a bit. Who knows, it could work.

Anyway, I'm going to leave you with this: a picture of a Final Fantasy Behemoth. It's a bit like this awesome concept art for one that never appeared, and a mix between the one from FFII and FFX.

I think it's a bit too humanoid but I don't care. I'm really pleased with his arm and face.