He turned it sideways! That's a kill shot!

Ok, finally. Two weeks in and I've just about finished the first chapter in my still untitled story. I think it's going pretty well, if a bit off-schedule. I'll be returning to Sheffield in five weeks roughly so hopefully by then I'll be on or have finished the fourth chapter, and maybe then I'll have a title or something. This competition, I learned today, is not only being judged by Terry Pratchett but also, oddly enough, by Tony Robinson. I might throw in some archeology to please him or something. 

It's not looking too bad, although there is a bit of making up as I go along but that's how I've always done it, so not to worry there. As long as I can get through it and finish it without having to do a total rewrite, it should be fine. That and with progress going fine with the Wanderer script (hopefully come September I'll have finished the whole 100 pages of the first volume and then we get start on drawing the bastard thing. I am looking forward to that)

I'm quit excited it's August now, which means that the usually dull summer holidays are gonna come to a close next year and I'll be able to head back to what I love doing soon. Can't say the summer's been a hell of a lot of fun. I didn't go anywhere interesting or do anything cool, but there was much work to be done anyway and besides, after France, I've had enough of traveling for the moment.

Now to retire for the night and watch Date Night with a cup of tea, which I actually really enjoyed when I saw it in the cinema. There aren't nearly enough of them around. Judging from the director's past films I kind of wasn't expecting much but damn it is a fun film to watch. I love screwball comedies. If you haven't done so already, I totally recommend you do. This is Steve Carell at his best. 

OK goodnight world, hopefully more interesting blog entires soon. Otherwise I'll post up more from the story or something