Cauldrons and Closings

-- I said recently that I was no longer working on Spring Heeled Jack, or at least, have put in hiatus until I am skilled enough to do the short film that's in my head. If I attempted it now, it would be laughably bad. Instead, I'm working something a bit easier I've boringly titled Toil and Trouble which will be about a witch who's doing all kinds of cauldron-y things and then something escapes and she tries to chase it down by firing all kinds of spells at it or something. It's going to be very Tom and Jerry in a way and I've already got a piece of music selected for it. This time, I won't be requiring the help of the Hitchcock Rules, who provided the music for this and my other one I did on the first year.. Here's a quick and fairly bad model of the witch I've been working on. Obviously the face was the only thing I've put any work into, and the hat, hair and body were just after thoughts to give it a bit more context.


It does look a bit daft now, I admit, but there's plenty left to do.

My still untitled story is being worked on, still slowly, and it dawns on me I only have three months to finish it. It's looking bad, but I've added a couple of new elements which might getme out of this jam I'm in.

I have no closing, so instead, accept my gift of chimps on segways (well, just one)