The Great Write North

I've been playing moody melancholic instrumental stuff, mainly Yann Tiersen, for the last couple of hours, trying to get into a good mood for writing things. And it hasn't been too bad, all things considered. Having taken the last three days off for packing, moving back to Sheffield and getting acquainted and sorted in my new apartment, I'm back writing my goddamn still untitled story. It's going to need a title soon, so I can start referring it as that instead of My Still Untitled Story I'm Writing for the Prize. Whatever it's called, it's going pretty well and am almost a quarter of the way through - still going somewhat slow, but whatever. I've never missed a deadline yet, why start now.

Today, Wilson and I got back into drawing our good old Wanderer comic, which I've been typing out for the last few weeks. I actually managed to get the base pencils down for three pages, which Wils will draw over and make better. How we're going to colour I have no idea yet, but one problem at a time. I was gonna scan it and link it here, but now it's too late and I'm sleepy

I'm going to go to my bed, which is nice and comfortable, and sleep soundly now that I've finally organised most of the stuff I brought up with me. It was a horribly long ride (which actually wasn't all that bad, all car trips considered) although for the most part I had this song from A Goofy Movie stuck in my head.

I was going to review chapter 1 of my untitled story and make a PDF of it, post it up on the site but never got around to that. Actually want to embed videos into the Videos section, too, seeing it's empty now and I won't be able to put the clips up for download any time soon.

I might do it tomorrow, and post up a whole new entry just for that. Maybe I'll include some comical video or article or whatever to put with it, as I am wont to do. For now, nothing. Jut the calm, blissful ... calmness of the black background of blog.