Forget it, Jake


It's Chinatown. At least, the film I'm watching is.

I'm 30,000 words into a story I need to be 80,000 words into by 8 weeks time. There is very little chance this is going to happen, which does annoy me. I don't think I'll be able to enter this Pratchett Prize after all. Not to say I'll stop writing this story - this is probably the most I've been into a story for a long time, I'll just take it much slower and think it through. Maybe I'll send it in next year.

Whatever the case, I'd rather be focusing all onĀ Toil and Trouble, an animatic of which I need to have finished by mid December. For those curious, I started the storyboards today, and when I get back to that classroom, I'll scan them and post them up, if only as a way to document my progress through this. With the finished storyboards, making an animatic will be much easier, as will getting music done from my friend.

Getting some actually decent animation and visual effects lessons so with any luck my finished work is gonna look a lot better than some of my previous pieces.

I think I need to watch an animation blu-ray, but somebody's fixing my PS3, which I've now been without for bloody ages. I'll stick to Chinatown on my computer