Fundamentally 101


If there's one reason to be pleased about the new university year is that, but a week on, I actually think we're going to be taught how to properly plan and execute films, as well as how to do proper modeling on all kinds of 3D software. Yes, that's right. Two years on and it looks like we're finally going to be taught animation fundamentals.

It brings me back to the first year and we did walk cycles and bouncing balls.

See, for those of you following this (apparently everything else of interest has gone), you'll know last year was ... well, a bit of a waste of time, what with Colin "Carl Fredricksen from Up" Pons not teaching us anything remotely important and the rest of it being ... well, nothing.

There are only three classes a week at the moment. One of them is from 6 to 9pm, for reasons unexplained, and features some pretty decent step-by-step and personalised lessons on 3D, while the other two lessons are all about planning and pre-production stuff. 

We apparently need to write a treatment, story or script for next week for the story we want to use on our final animation project. I'm still going forth with the witch idea, but have added two more into the mix and am now gonna have a hell of a time modeling and rigging them all. I'll post up some renders when I've got something decent going on.

I've been promoting this picture endlessly since I did it, but here you'll find my latest drawing: another one of fantastic singer Amanda Palmer.