Hocus Pocus


It's Hallowe'en tomorrow, which means everyone's going to be out and about in ridiculous costumes and I will be inside watching horror movies with my flatmate because we're just so much fun. We're trying to watch every film in Empire's Top 500 Movies list. It's taking a long time.

Well, I believe we're doing something on Monday, but that doesn't get me off the hook for dressing up. I think I'll just put on a silly hat or something. I'll certainly look better than Wilson is with his, er, costume:

It's nothing like last year's.

Looking forward to finishing these storyboards, of which I have five pages done now. 40 down and, with any luck, about ten more to go and I'll have all the stuff I need to properly start producing it. Script is done, character design finished and I'm now currently modeling everything. Who thought there would be so much work to do for this. Daylight savings is giving us another hour to do everything, but I'll be too busy sleeping to notice it.

OK, back to planning this story which, although no longer submitting it to the competition, I will be finishing it anyway.

It's actually looking pretty good.