Got Ham?

The last few days have been, interestingly enough, surrounding Batman.

See, in working on my visual effects thing for class - which involves adding effects to film as well as writing up about a desired topic, I came up with the idea to write about the art of matte painting; you know, where an artist painstakingly paints a scene that's almost real to the eye, on which live action footage is placed, with appropriate background to fit, to make it look like the action is happening in a place that's more visually impressive than the studio.

With exception of the guy, the trolley and some of the floor, the rest is a painting. Well anyway, I am writing up on the composite images used to create the unique look for Gotham city in a range of Batman movies.

This had led me to watch Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, as well as the special features, which has led to an increased interest in Batman.

I'm now the owner of a cool new Batman poster, mug and Arkham Asylum comic (those last things were actually early Christmas presents).

Well, anyway, because it's getting close to Christmas and bats have been on the mind, I ended up drawing this

A bigger version can be found on deviantart here. Consider this, and the below video, the first of a series of completely unrelated Christmas posts, where I'll be putting on a video, image or story to do with Christmas.

Also, modeling on the witches for the Toil and Trouble short is going well:

Well, creepy eyes notwithstanding. Also, music is coming along nicely. With any luck I'll have a nice piece to go with the animatic.

And now, to start the Christmas Countdown 2010 - Merry Christmas, Gotham City! from the cancelled Batman musical